The National Testing Agency (NTA) has now released the final answer key for the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) 2023. The CMAT is an important exam for getting into management and business programs across India.

The final answer key shows the correct answers for all the questions on the CMAT 2023.

Here is how students can access and use the final answer key:

1. Go to the NTA website at

2. Find the CMAT 2023 section and click on the final answer key link.

3. The PDF of the answer key will download to your device.

The final answer key helps students in several key ways:

– Check if their answers match the official ones
– Estimate their possible CMAT score
– Challenge any answers they think are wrong
– Prepare for further admission rounds like interviews

It is important for students to download the CMAT 2023 final answer key. Having the official answers helps verify accuracy and plan next steps after taking the exam. We hope this guide gives helpful information on using the CMAT final answer key to your benefit in the admission process.

Looking closely at the CMAT 2023 final answer key can help students better understand the exam.

Here are some key things we noticed in our analysis:

1. The questions overall seem accurate and well-made. This suggests the exam was fair and balanced.

2. The exam covered all the main topics like math, reasoning, language skills and general awareness. This tests students in different subject areas.

3. The difficulty level was moderate – some easier and some harder questions. This evaluates how well students can solve different types of problems.

In summary, the CMAT 2023 final answer key shows the exam had good quality questions, a mix of topics, and a medium difficulty level.

Having the final answer key helps students check their performance and prepare for the next admission steps. Our analysis indicates the CMAT 2023 exam was well-designed and comprehensive. Students should use the key to improve and keep working towards their management program goals.

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