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Bolpurcollege.in is a leading education and business news website providing the latest updates and analysis of major developments in India and worldwide.

Our Mission

  • To deliver incisive, trustworthy and timely news reports on pressing issues in education, business, technology, automobiles and more
  • To inform, enlighten and empower our readers with facts and data-driven insights
  • To uphold the highest editorial and ethical standards while reporting unbiased news

Our Core Values

  • Accuracy – We value facts, data and precision in news reporting
  • Objectivity – We cover stories impartially without bias
  • Integrity – We adhere to moral principles and journalistic ethics
  • Timeliness – We publish news as it happens, staying on top of emerging stories
  • Readability – Our reports are written accessibly with the reader in mind

Our Editorial Team

With experienced editors, seasoned journalists and dedicated beat reporters, our editorial team brings decades of expertise in various industries and niches. We have correspondents across India to provide in-depth local coverage. Our editors uphold rigorous editorial processes to verify sources, confirm facts, and ensure impartiality.

Key Editorial Team Members:

  • Managing Editor: Oversees editorial processes and content across verticals
  • Business Editor: Heads business and finance news coverage
  • Tech Editor: Leads technology news reporting
  • Automobiles Editor: Experienced in covering latest auto industry stories
  • Education Editor: Specializes in developments in education sector
  • Entertainment Editor: Leads arts, culture and entertainment news

Our News Coverage

We have specialised writers covering the following beats and topics extensively:


  • Startup news
  • Corporate earnings, mergers & acquisitions
  • Stock markets, financial sector updates
  • Macroeconomic trends, policy reforms
  • Entrepreneurship and small business


  • Consumer tech product launches
  • Innovations in software, AI, IoT
  • Tech company news, apps, gadgets
  • Emerging tech like blockchain, metaverse
  • Tech policy and regulations


  • Exam notifications, admission deadlines
  • Edtech trends, digitisation updates
  • Higher education reforms, policy moves
  • Student life, campus developments
  • Career advice, skill development


  • New car model launches and reviews
  • Auto sales figures, industry analysis
  • EV trends and battery tech advancements
  • Regulatory updates, emission norms
  • Auto expos, major industry events


  • Movie reviews, box office news
  • Celebrity news and pop culture
  • TV shows, web series, OTT platform updates
  • Music albums, concerts and artists
  • Award shows, festivals and events

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